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Arb Amigo™ helps thousands of smart sport bettors and traders find profitable surebets & arbitrage opportunities that guarantees daily profits.

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Risk-Free Daily Profits

Arb Amigo (shortened “Your Arbitrage Friend”) is your new sports betting buddy that makes you risk-free profits on a daily basis. We scan through millions of odds per minute and 100s of bookies to find you “surebets” and arbitrage betting opportunities in which regardless of the outcome, you win.


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We find you profitable bets 🤖

Arb Amigo helps you turn sports betting into investement with daily risk-free profits. We process over 1 million odds per second to find you risk-free arbitrage opportunities in real-time.

Our system collects millions of data in real time from 100s of bookmakers and markets, then finds gaps and discrenpancies in the market where an arbitrage opportunity occurs.

Arbitrage betting is also sometimes called “sure betting” and this is because when you place an “arbitrage bet” or “sure bet”, you are covering all possible outcomes to secure a guaranteed profit. This is made possible because bookmakers set their odds independently and their odds can often be out of sync.


You place the risk-free bets 📲

The easy part, you log into your bookmaker’s website to place the bets and wait for your profit regardless of the outcome of the match or event.

That’s the beauty of arbitrage betting. Unlike traditional sports betting, with arbitrage betting – you do not need to understand stats, or understand the sport or even care about the results of the sporting event – you make risk-free profits from any sport. 

Arb Amigo works 24/7 to find you sports betting arbitrage opportunities in real-time and it does all the heavy lifiting for you. It shows you what markets to bet on and our arb calculator tells you the exact amount to stake on each bookmaker to guarantee a profit.


Bet..Win ... and repeat 🤑

Arbitrage betting guarantees you will win and make a profit by betting on both outcomes (sides) of the market when the odds are in your favour and Arb Amigo’s sole goal is to help you make daily profits. 

So, whether you are looking to make a side-income or make this your fulltime income, Arb Amigo has got you covered.

Arb Amigo was built with user-friendliness at it’s core, so with our in-depth videos and innovative tools, you will be able to start making profits from day one.

Earn upwards of 20% profits on a daily basis from the arbitrage opportunities arb amigo finds you.

Use the calculator below to see how much you can make on a daily or monthly basis with arb amigo.

Profit Estimator💸

Unlike traditional betting, arbitrage betting can provide a predictable risk-free monthly profit if done right. We have created a profit estimator that allows you to see how much you can potentially make per month depending on your bankroll and number of  surebets you place per day.

Arb Amigo makes things very easy. It shows you the bets to place, the market, the bookmakers and the profit you will make. Use the calculator to see your potential profit per month.

Monthly Profit Estimate
Your estimated cumulative profits per month.
Average Profit/Bet (%)   
Arb Bets Placed/Day   
Total Stake/Arb   

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From sports gambling to investing.

Created by sports bettors for sport bettors. Arb Amigo is packed with everything you need to make predictable risk-free profits from sports betting without gambling. 

Arb Amigo is your new bestfriend (amigo) that does all the heavy lifitng for you on and runs on a 24/7 basis so that you can Bet. Win. Repeat. 

Used by smart sports bettor who use the power of data to make informed decisions that does not involve gambling but rather steady risk-free profits.

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PreMatch SureBets

With our cutting-edge PreMatch Arbitrage feature, we comb through millions of odds around the clock, leaving no stone unturned to bring you the most profitable arbitrage betting opportunities.

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InPlay SureBets

Stay one step ahead of the game with Arb Amigo's InPlay SureBets, as our platform continually scans for live (inplay) arbitrage opportunities that offer higher percentages.

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Real-Time Updates

Arb Amigo's commitment to real-time updates means that our platform refreshes odds and data from bookmakers every second, giving you the confidence to make timely and profitable arbitrage bets.

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100+ Bookmakers

Uncover hidden arbitrage opportunities with Arb Amigo's advanced scanning system across 100+ bookmakers, empowering you to make informed decisions and extract maximum value from the market.

Multiple Sports Arbs

Arb Amigo scans multiple sports to find you arbs and surebets 24/7. So, you can make profits from football, tennis, baseball, basketball and beyond without having any knowledge of the sport.

200+ Betting Markets

Every second, Arb Amigo scans 100s of betting markets and millions of odds to extract maximum value from the market and find arbs and surebets opportunities so that you can make daily profits.

Bet Tracker

Our very intuitive and user-friendly dashboard allows you to keep an eye on all your bets, track your results and see profits made on a day by day, week by week and month by month basis.

Predictable Profit

With tradtional betting & gambling, you mostly rely on chance or luck, with arbitrage betting through Arb Amigo, you have a predictable and consistent flow of risk-free profits.

Pays for Itself

Arb Amigo is a valuable asset that pays for itself over and over again. With the arbitrage opportunities you will have access to, you will be able to start making risk-free profits from day one.

Frequently Asked Questions ✌️

The concept of “arbitrage” was popularised in the financial markets and foreign exchange industry where traders can take advantage of exchange rate disparities between currency pairs across different Forex markets to generate profits.

This same idea and concept can be used in the sports betting and trading industry to make risk-free profits.

Sports arbitrage, also known as “sure betting” or “arbing”, is a strategy used by smart sports bettors to take advantage of discrepancies in odds offered by different bookmakers. By carefully placing bets on all possible outcomes of a sporting event, as an arbitrage bettor,  you can guarantee yourself a profit, regardless of the final outcome.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say there’s a Tennis match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Bet365 offers odds of 2.50 for Roger Federer to win, while 1xBet offers odds of 2.70 for Rafael Nadal to Win. By placing a certain amount on Roger Federer at Bet365 and a calculated amount on Rafael Nadal at 1xBet, the bettor ensures a profit regardless of who wins the match.

In this example, if the bettor stakes £100 on Roger Federer (at Odds 2.50 at Bet365) and £100 on Rafael Nadal (at odds 2.70 at 1xBet), the total investment (stake) is £200.

Now, let’s consider two scenarios:

  1. If Roger Federer wins, the bettor receives a payout of £250 from Bet365 (2.50 x £100), resulting in a profit of £50 (£250 – your total £200 stake for both bets) 
  2. If Rafael Nadal wins, the bettor receives a payout of £270 from 1xBet (2.70 x £100), resulting in a profit of £70 (£270 – your total £200 stake for both bets) 

As you can see, with such a bet, you have covered all possible outcomes of the match (win or loss) So, regardless of the outcome of the match, the bettor makes a risk-free profit. (either he makes £50 or he makes £70, but he will always make a profit) 

You might ask, what if the match ends in a draw? Well, that is the beauty of arbitrage betting – you only place bets on events that all outcomes are covered. So in a tennis match for example, there is no “draw”, one player has to win. 

We used a tennis match as an example but arbitrage opportunities like this occur in every sport, from football to basketball to cricket to baseball and beyond.

The genius of arbitrage betting (sure betting) is the ability to find events and markets where all possible outcomes can be covered and a guarateed profit can be made regardless of the result.

With Arb Amigo, you will be able to see 100s of sports betting arbitrage opportunities with profits ranging from 3%, 5%, 10%, 15% and sometimes 20% on a daily basis in various sports and markets.

Gambling involves betting on events with unpredictable results, relying on luck and chance, which can lead to substantial wins or losses due to the inherent risk. It is a form of entertainment for many, but the outcomes are uncertain, and the odds are often stacked in favor of the bookmakers, making consistent profits challenging.

On the other hand, Arbitrage Betting focuses on the mathematical advantage of odds discrepancies across different bookmakers. By placing multiple bets on all possible outcomes, you as the bettor ensures a profit irrespective of the event’s outcome. This strategic approach eliminates the element of chance, offering a more systematic way to generate profits from sports betting.

In the world of gambling, punters can experience a roller-coaster of emotions as they eagerly anticipate the uncertain results, whereas Arbitrage Betting provides a more methodical and calmer path to financial gain. The arbitrage bettor is not concerned with the outcome of the event; their attention is solely on identifying and capitalizing on price differences offered by various bookmakers.

In the long term, gamblers often face an uphill battle to consistently beat the odds and overcome the house edge. In contrast, Arbitrage Betting can offer a more sustainable and predictable income stream when executed effectively. It is a calculated strategy that attracts individuals seeking a more secure approach to betting and those who prefer to view sports betting as a financial investment rather than a mere gamble.

In conclusion, the fundamental distinction between gambling and Arbitrage Betting lies in their approach to risk and profit generation. While gambling is synonymous with uncertainty and luck, Arbitrage Betting is a strategic and mathematical technique that guarantees profits by exploiting odds differentials. For those seeking a more reliable and controlled way to profit from sports betting, Arbitrage Betting presents an attractive alternative to traditional gambling.

No bookmaker is exactly alike.

Different bookmakers have different models to determine their odds, so bookmakers don’t always line up with each other coupled with the fact that Odds change throughout the day, too, especially when certain news breaks or their opinion changes, and some bookmakers are quicker to update odds than others.

That’s where value of using Arb Amigo comes in, our systems process millions of data and odds every minute to find arbitrage opportunities in various betting markets, bookmakers and sports, so that we can show you markets and events where you can make guaranteed daily profits regardless of the outcome of the event.

Arbitrage betting is often referred to as “sure betting” due to its unique characteristic of guaranteeing a profit, regardless of the outcome of a sporting event.

Let’s explore why it earns this title:

  1. Exploiting Pricing Discrepancies: Arbitrage betting involves taking advantage of discrepancies in odds offered by different bookmakers. These variations occur due to differences in opinion, market fluctuations, or simply human error. By carefully analyzing these disparities and placing bets on all possible outcomes, you create a situation where you’re certain to make a profit, irrespective of which side wins.

  2. Risk-Free Strategy: Unlike traditional betting where you’re exposed to the risk of losing your stake if your prediction is incorrect, arbitrage betting eliminates that uncertainty. With sure betting, you cover all potential outcomes of a sporting event, essentially creating a risk-free strategy. By distributing your bets across different bookmakers and calculating precise stake amounts, you lock in a profit regardless of the final result.

  3. Mathematical Precision: Sure betting relies on mathematical calculations and meticulous analysis. Through careful consideration of odds, stake amounts, and potential profits, you can identify arbitrage opportunities with guaranteed returns. The calculations ensure that the combined odds of all possible outcomes exceed 100%, creating an arbitrage situation where profit is assured. (This is where Arb Amigo comes in)

  4. Predictable Profit Margin: Another reason why arbitrage betting is called sure betting is the predictability of the profit margin. Each arbitrage opportunity presents a known and fixed percentage of profit. By following the recommended stake amounts and executing the bets accurately, you can precisely determine the profit you’ll make before the event even takes place.

In summary, arbitrage betting earns the name “sure betting” because it provides a risk-free strategy to guarantee a profit, regardless of the outcome.

That’s a very good question. The amount of money you can make with sports arbitrage depends on various factors, including the size of your investments (stakes) and the number of arbitrage opportunities you take advantage of.

We have created a profit calculator which can be found on this page. This will give you an idea of potential profits depending on your bankroll and percentages of arbs you take advantage of on a daily basis.

With Arb Amigo, you have the chance to discover arbitrage opportunities with an impressive arb percentage of up to 20% per day (and sometimes higher for inplay events)

The average stock market returns and profits is about 8% per year with lots of risk.

With arbitrage betting powered by Arb Amigo, you can earn 10-20% per day (depending on arbitrage opportunities found)

These daily risk-free returns compound to large profits over the course of a month and year.

Using our profit calculator on this page, let’s asusme you have a bankroll of £300 per bet and you only place 5 bets per day with each bet having a 3% arbitrage profit, you can make £1350 per month risk-free profit from arbitrage betting using Arb Amigo!

(PS: placing an arbitrage bet takes less than 5 minutes. So that’s about 15minutes of work per day)

You can use the profit calculator on this page to get an idea of potential profits you can make per month depending on number of bets you place and your bankroll.

No prior experience or knowledge is required to start sports arbitrage. While having some understanding of sports betting and odds can be beneficial, it is not a prerequisite. Sports arbitrage is designed to be accessible to individuals with varying levels of experience in the betting world.

While prior experience or knowledge of sports betting can give you a head start, what truly matters in sports arbitrage is your ability to identify and act on profitable opportunities.

Arb Amigo is designed to make arbitrage betting accessible and straightforward, even for beginners. With Arb Amigo, you have all the tools and information you need to find profitable arbitrage opportunities at your fingertips.

Even if you’re new to sports betting or arbitrage, we offer educational resources to help you understand the basics. We provide video tutorials, guides, and support materials to enhance your knowledge and empower you to make informed decisions.

Here’s the best part: sports arbitrage is not about being a sports genius. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of every team or be able to predict the future. Instead, you focus on the variations in odds between bookmakers. It’s all about finding those differences in odds that can lead to guaranteed profits, regardless of the actual outcome of the game. 

So, even if you’re not the biggest sports fan, you can still dive into arbitrage betting and enjoy the financial benefits it offers. You approach it from a statistical and profit-driven perspective, using the odds to your advantage.

The real magic of sports arbitrage lies in spotting those sweet odds discrepancies, rather than being a sports guru. Arb Amigo finds arb opportunities in various sports and events to choose from, giving you plenty of opportunities to make profitable arbitrage bets.

PreMatch and InPlay arbitrage are two distinct approaches to arbitrage betting, each with its own characteristics.

Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

With PreMatch arbitrage, you have the advantage of placing bets before a sporting event begins. Arb Amigo prematch page shows you a range of prematch arbitrage opportunities. It showcases the odds offered by different bookmakers, the percentage profit you can expect, and even the exact amount to stake for a guaranteed profit. With this information at your fingertips, you can make well-informed decisions and seize the most lucrative opportunities.

In contrast, InPlay arbitrage allows you to capitalize on the changing dynamics of a live game. As the action unfolds, Arb Amigo remains by your side, providing real-time updates on the shifting odds from various bookmakers and live arbitrage opportunities. You’ll be able to see the potential profits, the arbitrage opportunity, and the precise stake required for a guaranteed profit. Armed with this data, you can make prompt decisions and take advantage of  live arbs.

The convenience of Arb Amigo lies in its ability to offer both PreMatch and InPlay arbitrage opportunities, along with valuable insights. Regardless of your preferred approach, Arb Amigo simplifies the arbitrage process by presenting you with a user-friendly interface that showcases various events, the associated bookmaker odds, the potential profit percentage, and the exact amount to stake.

“Middles” in arbitrage betting are unique betting opportunities where a bettor can bet on both sides of a certain market with a chance to win both bets.

The key is to find two bookmakers giving odds on a sporting event in such a way that if the actual outcome lies in a specific range, both the bets win.

For example, let’s assume in an NBA game, Bookmaker A offers odds of 2.00 for under 210.5 points, and Bookmaker B offers odds of 2.30 for over 208.5 points. Now, if the total score in the game falls between 209 and 210, you win both bets. If any other result occurs, you will lose one bet but win the other, therefore mitigating the loss.

The profits from hitting a middle can be substantial. If you bet £100 on each side in the above example and the game ends with a total of 209 points, you would receive £200 from Bookmaker A and £230 from Bookmaker B. (You’ve spent £200 (two £100 bets) and got back £430 for a profit of £230.)

ArbAmigo, our cutting-edge arbitrage betting platform, is designed to empower bettors with tools to identify and capitalize on opportunities like positive middles, in addition to traditional arbitrage opportunities. By scanning millions of odds across numerous bookmakers 24/7, ArbAmigo not only helps you find surebet opportunities but also identifies these unique positive “middle” scenarios.

So, whether you’re looking for guaranteed profits through traditional arbitrage or exploring the world of positive middles, ArbAmigo is your ultimate ally, making arbitrage betting more accessible and potentially more profitable than ever before.

Arb Amigo is a powerful tool designed to assist you in sports arbitrage betting.

Here’s an overview of what Arb Amigo does:

  1. Identifies Arbitrage Opportunities: Arb Amigo scans numerous bookmakers, sporting events and thousands of markets to uncover arbitrage opportunities on a daily basis. It utilizes advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis to identify variations in odds across different bookmakers. By doing so, Arb Amigo presents you with a curated list of potential arbitrage bets, ensuring that you have access to profitable opportunities.

  2. Guarantees Predictable Profits: One of the key advantages of using Arb Amigo is the ability to achieve guaranteed and predictable profits. Unlike traditional sports betting where outcomes can be uncertain, sports arbitrage betting with Arb Amigo offers a unique advantage. By identifying and capitalizing on arbitrage opportunities, Arb Amigo provides you with a strategy that ensures a profit regardless of the outcome of the sporting event. This predictability allows you to plan and manage your finances more effectively, making sports arbitrage betting a reliable and lucrative source of income.
  3. Displays Profit Potential: With Arb Amigo, you can quickly assess the profit potential of each arbitrage opportunity. It calculates and displays the exact percentage profit you can expect to make from each bet. This transparency allows you to evaluate the attractiveness of each opportunity and make informed decisions about which bets to pursue.

  4. Offers Real-Time Alerts: Stay ahead of the game with real-time alerts from Arb Amigo. You’ll receive instant notifications whenever a new arbitrage opportunity arises or when there are significant changes in odds. These timely alerts enable you to act quickly and secure your bets before the odds shift, maximizing your profit potential.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Arb Amigo provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies your sports arbitrage betting experience. The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, even for beginners. With features such as customizable settings, filtering options, and historical data, Arb Amigo empowers you to make well-informed decisions and optimize your betting strategy.

Bet. Win. Repeat.

Arb Amigo scans up to 200 bookies every second to find you arbitrage opportunities on a daily basis!