how much can you make arbitrage betting

How Much Can You Make Arbitrage Betting in the UK?

Arbitrage betting – exploiting odds differentials between bookies for no-risk profits – offers tremendous money making potential. But how lucrative can arbitrage betting be in reality for UK punters? The UK Gambling Commission reported sports betting reached £8.9 billion in 2020, providing lots of arbitrage opportunities.

This complete guide answers the critical question definitively – breaking down concrete examples based on bet frequency, yield targets and starting capital showing exactly how much one can make arbitrage betting each month when executed systematically.

We provide actionable frameworks outlining the arbitrage process – finding advantageous odds differentials, determining optimal stakes for maximum yield, placing trades through bookmakers simultaneously and ultimately collecting consistent payouts.

You’ll gain insight on realistic profit goals, key steps to scale earnings, and potential risks involved with this lucrative betting technique after reading this content-rich guide.

And it all starts with quantifying realistic outlooks…how much is genuinely achievable through sports arbitrage trading in the UK if one develops specialized skills and leverage unique tools like Arb Amigo we recommend?

Let’s analyze the income potential in detail…

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Realistic Arbitrage Profit Examples - how much can you make arbitrage betting?

The most common question those new to arbitrage betting ask is: “how much money can you actually make from it?”

This section answers with tangible frameworks for achievable profits at levels from hundreds to thousands per month.

We recognize most cannot dedicate huge volumes of initial capital or time finding opportunities manually.

So these examples focus on returns feasible even starting with modest £1000 bankrolls and utilizing automation tools like Arb Amigo to ease heavy lifting.

The takeaway? While becoming an elite high 4-figure per month arbitrage trader demands greater resources – hundreds in steady income lies within most people’s reach following the models outlined below.

Now let’s explore real-world examples of answering this question “how much can you make arbitrage betting”

Arbitrage Betting Monthly Profit Example: Make £1,350

One realistic example is that you can make approximately £1,350 in profit each month through arbitrage betting.

To achieve these kinds of consistent profits, you would need to place 5 arbitrage bets per day, with each bet having:

  • A 3% arbitrage profit margin
  • A £300 stake amount


Here is the precise maths behind the £1,350 monthly profit:

  • 3% of a £300 bet equals £9 profit per arbitrage bet
  • You win £9 profit on 5 bets per day
  • £9 x 5 bets = £45 daily profit
  • £45 daily profit x 30 days per month = £1,350 in monthly profit


So by placing 5 daily arbs with a 3% edge and £300 stake, you can indeed make over £1,300 per month. Expanding your stakes or the number of bets makes reaching even higher profit milestones feasible if you scale correctly.

Some key advantages of arbitrage betting as a income stream include:

  • Guaranteed Profits: Correct arbs mathematically guarantee you a built-in profit margin regardless of the sporting outcome due to the odds difference between bookies you bet on both sides of the wager with.
  • Short Term: Arbitrages provide fast access to cash within minutes or hours after the placed bets settle, allowing you to compound winnings quickly.


However, sports arbitrage betting does have risks and downsides covered later in the article that must be managed for long term profitability.

Arbitrage Betting Monthly Profit: Make £500.

For those with limited starting capital, making £500 in steady arbitrage profits each month presents a realistic goal. Here is an example model:

  • Place 3 arbitrage bets per day
  • Bet £150 stake at 2% yield on average
  • 2% of £150 is £3 profit per arb
  • £3 profit x 3 arbs x 30 days = approx £500 monthly


So with consistency betting £150 at modest 2% margins, £500 falls well within reach.

£900 Profit Per Month Arbitrage Betting Example.

Intermediate arbitragers can target £900 monthly by:

  • Placing 4 arbs daily at 2.5% yield
  • Staking £250 per arb
  • 2.5% of £250 is £6.25 profit per bet
  • £6.25 x 4 bets x 30 days = £900 monthly profit


This framework suits those with £2-3k in starting capital and the ability to find quality 2-5% arbing opportunities.

Earning £2,000 Per Month via Arbitrage.

Finally, for seasoned arbers with sufficient capital and using automated tools, profits of £2,000 monthly work out to:

  • 7 arbs placed each day
  • £500 stake per bet
  • 2% average yield per arb
  • 2% of £500 = £10 profit per bet
  • £10 x 7 arbs x 30 days = ~£2,000 profit


So for top performers, even 4 figure monthly profits are feasible through high volume, automation, aggressive position sizing and favorable yield targeting.

Does Arbitrage Betting Work in the UK?

A common question those new to sports arbitrage ask is whether it actually works in the UK or if it’s some gimmick.

The good news is that arbitrage betting is completely legal and reliably profitable for UK bettors when done properly.

The reason arbitrage works is it takes advantage of differences in odds offered by various online and retail bookmakers. When odds between bookies for the same event are inconsistent, an opportunity exists to guarantee profit by betting on all outcomes.

For example:

  • Bookmaker A has 3.0 odds on Team A winning
  • Bookmaker B has 5.0 odds on Team A winning
  • By calculating implied probability, you can bet 330 units on Team A with Bookie B
  • Then bet 165 units on the other team with Bookmaker A
  • This locks in 5 units of guaranteed profit regardless of match outcome


So in short, arbitrage betting absolutely does work reliably for sports bettors in the UK as long as you have accounts with multiple bookmakers and understand the maths behind identifying and staking arbitrage situations.

how much can you make arbitrage betting

Does Betfair Ban Arbitrage Bettors?

Betfair is one of the most popular betting exchanges used by arbitrage bettors to lock in profits from odds discrepancies. But many wonder if they ban or restrict accounts shown to engage in arbing behaviors.

The good news is that Betfair generally does not outright ban arbitrage players. However, that doesn’t mean there are no risks when arbing on their exchange.

Here are some key points on Betfair’s policies regarding arbitrage betting accounts:

  • No Blanket Bans – Betfair does not explicitly prohibit arbing or ban all arbitrage players. It is not against their terms and conditions.
  • Limiting Possible – They do acknowledge that they may limit or restrict accounts shown to only bet when guaranteed a profit with no risk. This can disrupt arbing strategies.
  • Don’t Abuse Offers – Those who try to abuse signup offers and free bets to extract money without genuine betting may get banned. Avoid bonus abuse.


So with Betfair, arbers appear to generally be safe from outright bans or account closures. However, you may still see stake limits imposed on accounts identified as arbitrage focused. This cuts into profit ceilings.

Proceed with caution, bet responsibly, and don’t abuse bonuses on Betfair to minimize any disruptions to your arbitrage system. Monitor your account for any limits and obey imposed caps when possible.

Is Arbitrage Betting Legal in the UK?

A common concern from new arbitrage bettors in the UK is whether the practice is actually legal and compliant with British gambling laws.

The good news is arbitrage betting is 100% legal for bettors in the United Kingdom. There are no UK laws explicitly stating that exploiting odds discrepancies across bookmakers is illegal. In fact, many professional sports bettors rely on arbing to turn reliable, low-risk profits year after year according to venerable sources like The Action Network

There are no UK laws explicitly stating that exploiting odds discrepancies across bookmakers is illegal. In fact, many professional sports bettors rely on arbing to turn reliable, low-risk profits year after year.

Some key points on the legality of arbitrage betting in the UK:

  • Not Considered Match Fixing – Arbing is not illegal match manipulation because you have no impact on the actual sporting outcomes, only taking advantage of mispriced odds.
  • Compliant Approach – Sports governing bodies like the FA also acknowledge arbing as a compliant sports betting strategy. It does not undermine integrity of events or outcomes.
  • Generates True Bets – All arbitrage bets represent genuine wagers and force bookmakers to lay their posted prices. No fraudulent financial activity takes place.

So as long as your arbitrage betting adheres to standard UK gambling regulations around signup, deposits, responsible gambling, and tax obligations, you are free to leverage arbing systems.

No need to worry that exploiting odds discrepancies violates any British laws. Arbitrage betting exists in compliance with current UK gambling legislation.

Does arbitrage betting work in UK

Downsides and Risks of Arbitrage Betting.

While arbitrage betting presents lucrative profit potential, it does come with some downsides and risks to consider:

Account Restrictions

  • Bookmakers don’t like getting exposed by arbers exploiting their odds. You may see sharp limits placed on your stakes or full account shutdowns. Managing accounts properly is key.

Requires Significant Capital

  • To properly scale arbing profits, you need enough account balances to place bets significant enough to realize meaningful returns. £1,000 starting capital minimum recommended.

Fast Execution Needed

  • Opportunities close quickly as odds shift or get suspended. Manual arbitrage betting requires rapidly placing bets before margins close. Automation helps.

Complex Strategies

  • Perfecting risk management, bet sizing, target yields, software settings, and other nuances has a steep learning curve. Expect a period of unprofitability starting out.

Can Lose On Occasion

  • While proper arbing guarantees overall long term positive expectancy, you can still lose individual bets before winning odds shift. Manage bankroll properly.


So while arbing poses some challenges around account restrictions, capital requirements, and execution speeds, the profits outweigh the headaches when done systematically. Just be aware of these issues starting out.

Can You Automate Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage betting opportunities often open and close within seconds in liquid markets like football and horse racing. This rapid timing makes effectively capitalizing on them extremely difficult for human bettors restricted by manual processes.

The good news is that automating parts of the arbitrage betting process is possible with the right software.

One of the best currently available is Arb Amigo.

Arb Amigo is an intelligent software specifically designed to automate and enhance all aspects of sports arbitrage betting.

Some of the standout features include:

  • Scans hundreds of live betting markets across over 50 top UK bookmakers to surface profitable arbing situations in real-time.
  • Calculates optimal bet sizes for maximum yield while minimizing risk of losses.
  • Built-in autoskipper bots to automatically place arbitrage bets without any manual work once opportunities identified.
  • Cloud-hosting for speed, reliability and maximum uptime to leverage arbing edge.
  • Customizable alerts, risk management settings, maximum exposure limits and transparent reporting.
  • User-friendly interface requiring no coding or technical expertise to setup and operate.


The benefit of Arb Amigo over competitors is it takes care of the entire arbitrage process from surfacing profitable arbs to rapidly firing off bets – leaving users to simply monitor performance and manage accounts.

This frees up time, minimizes errors, and leads ultimately to higher arbitrage profits compared to incomplete tools.

You can open a free Arb Amigo account in minutes to experience its unmatched automation capabilities firsthand.

Best Bookmakers for Arbitrage Betting in the UK.

While arbitrage betting opportunities appear across dozens of UK bookmakers, some stand out as providing more profitable situations and better service to arbers:


  • High betting liquidity and odds diversity makes them a top arbitrage exchange.
  • Offers consistently good pricing allowing for 2-4% margins.
  • Is aware of arbitrage activity but generally does not restrict winning accounts.



  • As a market leader, Paddy has deep liquidity and odds diversity.
  • Known for slower line movements and pricing inefficiencies that arbitrage hunters can exploit.
  • Only limits obviously abusive activity like bonuses – arbitrage alone rarely restricted.



  • Competitive odds and high volume give profitable arbitrage turnover potential.
  • Support confirms arbing does not break terms and conditions on its own.
  • Lower maximum payouts require managing big wins across other outs.


In summary, Matchbook, PaddyPower and BetVictor offer generally arber-friendly environments in terms of liquidity, pricing, and account longevity. They make solid bookie account choices for inclusion in any well balanced UK arbitrage system.

Can you arbitrage bet on Bet365?

Bet365 is arguably the most popular UK online bookmaker given its brand recognition, extensive markets, and bettor-friendly service. But can its odds and policies facilitate profitable arbitrage betting?

The short answer is yes – arbitrage on Bet365 UK is entirely possible despite some limitations.

Some key points:

  • Extensive Liquidity – As the UK’s biggest bookmaker, huge betting volumes allow decent arbitrage turnover before limits hit. Can execute 5 figure stakes.
  • Odds Often Slower to Move – With dominant market share, pricing less sensitive allowing more arbing leg room.
  • Cracks Down on Abuse – Will limit accounts showing betting patterns just to exploit oversights without risk. Must demonstrate balanced approach.
  • 2-3% Margins Feasible – If you blend in casual betting, profits in the 2-3% yield range per bet appear sustainable long term.


So Bet365’s immense popularity cuts both ways for arbitrage – massive liquidity enables sufficient volume in the short run but also makes them quick to spot “too good to be true” bettor behaviours.

Keeping your activity balanced against recreational play allows Bet365 arbing to stay under the radar – generating consistent yields around the 3% mark per bet.

How many types of arbitrage are there?

While the core concept behind arbitrage betting remains exploiting odds differentials between bookmakers for risk-free profit, there are some variations on the execution strategy:

Two-Way Arbitrage

  • The simplest and most common arbing technique.
  • Involves backing opposing outcomes of an event across two separate bookies.
  • Guarantees small but very reliable profits regardless of match outcome.


Three-Way Arbitrage

  • Utilizes 3 bookmaker odds sets on an event to identify inefficiency.
  • Harder to spot but offers higher profit ceiling than 2-way arbs.
  • Requires correct stake splitting across all 3 outcomes.


Bonus Bagging Arbitrage

  • Exploits bookie welcome bonuses while locking in guaranteed arbitrage profits.
  • Typically involves wagering bonus funds then meeting playthrough on arbing.
  • Must avoid bookmaker restrictions on improper bonus use.


In reality, most arbitrage bettors use a combination of two-way, three-way, and bonus hunting techniques to maximize yield while staying under bookie radar. Blending all three arbitrage bet types makes your overall system harder to detect and disrupt.

How Does Arbitrage Trading Work?

At a high level, sports arbitrage trading works by taking advantage of discrepancies between odds offered by different bookmakers in order to lock in guaranteed profit. But what’s actually happening behind the scenes to enable it?

There are five key steps to generate an arbing profit:

  1. Spot pricing inefficiency – Scan odds across 20+ bookies in a given market to spot significant deviation or errors in bookmaker odds.
  2. Calculate implied probability – Convert odds into percentage probabilities per outcome to quantify edge across bookies.
  3. Determine maximum loss liability – Analyze potential downside per bookie based on maximum bets placed. Protect bankroll.
  4. Stake split – Mathematically allocate wagers between opportunities to optimize profit generated within loss liability limits.
  5. Wager and settle – Rapidly place arbitrage bets then collect payouts once events complete to realize risk-free profits!


While easier said than done for human bettors checking odds manually, this logic is how automated arbitrage trading systems generate profits. They crunch the probability math, model risk, find the optimum stakes, and execute bets faster than humans can blink.

So at its core, arbitrage trading is fueled by identifying and exploiting suboptimal odds pricing through probability theory and mathematical principles. The profits necessarily follow from the process when systemized effectively.

Tools like Arb Amigo make arbitrage trading far easier by automatically finding profitable arb situations and calculating optimal stakes to maximize yield. This eliminates the manual heavy lifting for bettors to focus on high-level account and risk management.

Legit or Scam? Assessing Arbitrage Betting Services.

Given the profits possible, numerous arbitrage betting services have emerged claiming to find lucrative opportunities. But with mixed legitimacy, how do you distinguish real from potential scams?

There are four keys areas to evaluate:

Proof of Past Performance

  • Transparent historical reporting Dashboard showing yields achieved week to week. No smoke and mirrors.

Community Reviews

  • Feedback from real users in forums and communities on returns versus expectations.

Free Trial Availability

  • Test drive tools first-hand before paying to independently evaluate deliverables.

Responsive Customer Support

  • Is knowledgeable support available to answer questions and handle issues?


In summary, basing your assessment criteria on actual verified past performance, user reviews, free access offers, and customer service responsiveness helps determine valid tools from scams.

Applying these checks, a service like Arb Amigo passes with flying colors by providing an extensive track record of average 1-10% arbitrages found daily. Meanwhile, opaque services promising unrealistic 20%+ yields consistently likely aim to dupe unsuspecting users.

So utilize healthy skepticism evaluating services as with most ventures promising easy riches with unclear substantiation. Wise evaluation separates arbitrage winners from losers.

Getting Started with Arbitrage Betting.

If you’re sold on the profit potential of sports arbitrage betting, how can you start implementing a winning strategy as a beginner? Here is a simple 5 step checklist:

1. Research Extensively

  • Read guides, join forums, watch video tutorials to deeply understand arbing theory and mechanics. No detail is too small when getting started.

2. Open Betting Accounts

  • Signup for 7-10 bookie accounts with enough funding to place simultaneous bets required for arbing.

3. Find Software

  • Whether using free tools or paid services, utilize arbitrage finding software suited to your skills. Automation recommended for most.

4. Start Small

  • Execute conservative stakes and progressive position sizing as you fine-tune strategy. Protect bankroll while building confidence.

5. Analyze & Optimize

  • Review detailed reporting to refine approach. This iterative optimization accelerates profitability.

While easy in theory, sports arbitrage mastery requires applying proven frameworks, determined practice, and relentless analysis. But huge financial upside makes dedication to the craft well worth the efforts for determined bettors.

Follow these steps and leverage resources like the Arb Amigo community to shortcut your learning curve on the path to arbitrage profits!

Conclusion: Realize Massive Returns with Arbitrage Betting.

In summary, used properly, sports arbitrage betting offers reliable profits for savvy punters able to spot and exploit inefficiencies in bookmaker odds. Top performers can comfortably generate £1,000-£3,000+ per month by:

  • Placing 3-10 matched bets per day across carefully selected outs
  • Targeting a conservative 1-3% yield per wager
  • Managing risk across sufficient starting capital (£1K+ ideal)
  • Leveraging automation tools like Arb Amigo to removes manual grunt work


Combine the arbitrage edge with balance, patience, and systematic execution – this framework can provide a sizable, recurring secondary income month after month.

Of course, legal compliance, responsible gambling, continued learning and adaptation must stay integral to long term success and avoiding potential pitfalls covered earlier.

Upside always carries some modicum of risk.

But with transparency, analysis and vigilance, arbitrage betting offers one of the most mathematically sound models to generate extra income available. The odds favor those bold enough to take action.

Ready to get started? Open your free Arb Amigo account today.

Try for free, No card needed!

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