OddsJam vs Arb Amigo

OddsJam vs Arb Amigo: Which is Best for You? (2024)

Arbitrage betting can be an extremely lucrative venture for sports bettors, but identifying profitable opportunities across bookmakers manually is nearly impossible given how quickly odds shift. That’s where arbitrage betting tools and software come in — these platforms integrate with dozens of bookies and highlight arbitrage chances in real-time so users can capitalize.

But with different features and pricing models across the popular arbitrage software options, how do you determine what solution is right for your needs? Two of the most common platforms sports bettors compare are OddsJam and ArbAmigo.

In this comprehensive comparison guide, we’ll analyze the key differences between OddsJam and ArbAmigo in factors like:

  • Ease of use
  • Number of bookmaker integrations
  • Customization options and alerts
  • Available support resources
  • Pricing and discounts


We’ll objectively assess which platform excels in each area so you can make an informed decision on which best delivers the arbitrage identification tools and experience you need as a bettor. By the end, you’ll have a clear answer to the question:

OddsJam Vs Arb Amigo: Which arbitrage software is the best for me?

Before we dive deep, here is a quick table breakdown of OddsJam Vs Arb Amigo. Their various features and functionalities and what makes them different.

Feature Comparison

Same or comparable features

arb amigo website logo


oddsjam alternative


Bookmaker coverage

Over 200

About 100

PreMatch Arbitrage Betting

Ease of use

Straightforward interface

User-friendly interface

In-Play Arbitrage Betting

Outside USA Users

Works best for UK & Europe

Focused on USA

Arb betting Alerts (Telegram)

Pricing & Affordability


$199/month upwards

Arbitrage betting Alerts (Email)

Requires $699 plan

Multiple Sports Arbitrage

Clean Arbitrage betting calculator

24/7 dedicated live support team

Live Chat & Email Support

Email Support

Ease of Use and Learning Curve.

When evaluating arbitrage software, ease of use and the learning curve for new users is important to consider. Between OddsJam and Arb Amigo, both platforms have invested in resources to reduce friction for beginners.

OddsJam offers video tutorials and a community forum for new users to get oriented. Meanwhile, Arb Amigo focuses heavily on onboarding resources within the platform itself. These include built-in setup wizards, contextual help menus, definitions for terminology, and calculators to illustrate core concepts.

In terms of visual interface design, ArbAmigo stands out as more modern and intuitive with at-a-glance profitability indicators through color coding, icons and clean formatting. OddsJam relies more on statistical tables that surface key data but may seem dense to new users.

So while both platforms aim to make getting started with sports arbitrage betting easier through aid resources, Arb Amigo’s cutting-edge interface may have a slight edge for reducing the learning curve specifically. But committed users can get up to speed with either software option.

Bookmakers Filters and Customization

Once users have gotten the hang of basic arbitrage betting, having tools that enable you to filter and customize searches through a wide range of global bookmakers is critical for spotting the best opportunties.

In this area, Arb Amigo firmly beats out OddsJam when it comes to both raw breadth of bookmaker integrations as well as ability to tune alerts and settings.

Arb Amigo connects with over 200 regulated bookmakers across an array of sports betting markets worldwide including major regions like the UK, Europe, Australia, North America and Asia. OddsJam also offers global market reach, but more focused on USA bookmakers.

So Arb Amigo users get a time advantage in accessing live updated odds. You’ll also have more likelihood of overlapping odds mismatches across books at any given moment, increasing the number of potential arbs.

Additionally, savvy bettors can significantly up their game through Arb Amigo’s highly customizable alerts and signal logic options activated by bookmaker filters. You can take the arbitrage finder to an expert level with filters like:

  • Minimum/maximum profit thresholds
  • Filtering by specific leagues or sports
  • Odds change triggers and line movement alerts
  • Requirements around minimal matched bet percentages


While OddsJam also provides alert customizations, the breadth of filtering combinations gives advanced users of ArbAmigo an edge in tuning the software to their specific betting goals.

Arbitrage Alert Capabilities

The main purpose of arbitrage software is to rapidly identify profitable opportunities and notify users so they can act before odds shift again. So the alert delivery channels and customization options are pivotal.

In testing, Arb Amigo clearly outpaces OddsJam when it comes to configuring real-time notifications that sync across platforms and devices.

Arb Amigo allows users to create finely tuned alerts delivered via both email and Telegram. You can specify factors like minimum profit margins, region filters, leagues, etc. and receive alerts matching your criteria in real-time no matter where you are.

Meanwhile, OddsJam solely relies on email alerts for visible arbitrage signals. And robust alert personalization is only available at the highest subscription tier which runs $699/month.

Additionally, to ensure no profit opportunities are missed, Arb Amigo users can monitor a consolidated feed of every available arb chance directly within the platform itself. With OddsJam email alerts, if you don’t have immediate access to your inbox, bets can be placed before you ever receive the notification.

So for custom-tailored alerts that sync reliably across devices and channels, Arb Amigo provides the flexibility arbitrage bettors need to stay a step ahead of odds changes.

Cost Breakdown

In comparing the ongoing costs of OddsJam and ArbAmigo for serious arbitrage bettors, there are pricing differences worth noting.

OddsJam requires interested users to sign up for a 7-day free trial that necessitates entering payment card details upfront. Without cancelling before the trial period expires, your account will automatically begin getting charged $199 per month.

Meanwhile, ArbAmigo offers all new users complimentary access to a Free plan allowing them to test core functionality with a capped 1% profit limit on arbitrage alerts surface. No credit card details needed.

For power arbitrage users ready to maximize opportunities, OddsJam’s paid subscriptions currently sit at $199/month.

An Arb Amigo subscription compares at a lower £69.99/month paid monthly.

So strictly comparing monthly costs for full-access paid plans, Arb Amigo delivers top-tier professional arbitrage capabilities at a more affordable price. And free user options let you dip your toes in first.

Arb Amigo Live Bets Demo

See real live bets placed with Arb Amigo.

Conclusion: Arb Amigo a better alternative to OddsJam.

In reviewing two leading arbitrage software platforms, OddsJam and Arb Amigo, there are clear advantages demonstrated by ArbAmigo across the areas that matter most:

  • Support resources with 24/7 live chat
  • 200+ integrated bookmakers
  • Highly customizable alerts via email and Telegram
  • Clean, modern and intuitive interface
  • Engaged user community channels
  • Cost savings over $100+ per month in subscriptions


While both tools offer robust capabilities for identifying profitable cross-market arbitrage opportunities, ArbAmigo outshines OddsJam when it comes to key user experience differentiators like real-time support, breadth of book filters, and alert functionality. Not to mention more affordable pricing.

For new arbitragers, Arb Amigo also provides a gentler learning curve with built-in educational resources guiding you along the profit journey. Meanwhile more advanced users gain an edge customizing the software’s extensive parameters to meet their specific betting needs.

So while OddsJam deserves credit pioneering the space, Arb Amigo has clearly evolved the state of the art for sports arbitrage software. For any level bettor, it delivers the most feature-packed platform and community tailored for arbitrage success.

Hopefully this comprehensive OddsJam versus Arb Amigo comparison provides clarity that ArbAmigo is arguably the superior service delivering immense value to savvy sports bettors.

Take advantage of the free trial and start streamlining your arbitrage today.

OddsJam FAQs

OddsJam is a sports betting tool that helps users find the best odds for their bets across multiple sportsbooks. It also offers tools for arbitrage betting, positive EV betting, and free bet conversion.

OddsJam scans the market for the best odds for a given bet and then displays those odds to the user. It also calculates the potential profit for each bet and provides other helpful information, such as the hold and the middle.

OddsJam offers a 7-day free trial. After that, you will need to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan.

OddsJam covers a wide variety of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer. It also covers a number of other sports, such as tennis, golf, and MMA.

  • Increased profits: By finding the best odds, you can increase your profits on your bets.
  • Reduced risk: OddsJam can help you identify arbitrage opportunities, which are risk-free bets that can guarantee a profit.
  • Enhanced decision-making: OddsJam provides a wealth of information to help you make informed betting decisions.

Arb Amigo FAQs

Arb Amigo is a platform that helps sports bettors find and take advantage of arbitrage betting opportunities. Arbitrage betting is a risk-free way to make money by taking advantage of differences in odds between different sportsbooks.

Arb Amigo scans the market for arbitrage opportunities and then alerts users to those opportunities. Users can then place the bets with the different sportsbooks and lock in a profit.

Yes, Arb Amigo is free to use. However, there is a paid version of the platform that offers additional features, such as real-time arbitrage alerts and a wider range of sports coverage.

Arb Amigo covers a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer.
  • Increased profits: By finding and taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities, you can increase your profits on your bets.
  • Reduced risk: Arbitrage betting is a risk-free strategy. This means that you can guarantee a profit on every bet.
  • Convenience: Arb Amigo makes it easy to find and place arbitrage bets. You can either place the bets yourself or use Arb Amigo’s automated betting feature.
  • Community: Arb Amigo has a large and active community of users. You can connect with other users to share tips and strategies.

#1 Arbitrage Betting Tool

Want to know more about how Arb Amigo features compared to OddsJam and why thousands of people use Arb Amigo?


We find you profitable bets 🤖

Arb Amigo helps you turn sports betting into investement with daily risk-free profits. We process over 1 million odds per second to find you risk-free arbitrage opportunities in real-time.

Our system collects millions of data in real time from 100s of bookmakers and markets, then finds gaps and discrenpancies in the market where an arbitrage opportunity occurs.

Arbitrage betting is also sometimes called “sure betting” and this is because when you place an “arbitrage bet” or “sure bet”, you are covering al possible outcomes to secure a guaranteed profit. This is made possible because bookmakers set their odds independently and their odds can often be out of sync.


You place the risk-free bets 📲

The easy part, you log into your bookmaker’s website to place the bets and wait for your profit regardless of the outcome of the match or event.

That’s the beauty of arbitrage betting. Unlike traditional sports betting, with arbitrage betting – you do not need to understand stats, or understand the sport or even care about the results of the sporting event – you make risk-free profits from any sport. 

Arb Amigo works 24/7 to find you sports betting arbitrage opportunities in real-time and it does all the heavy lifiting for you. It shows you what markets to bet on and our arb calculator tells you the exact amount to stake on each bookmaker to guarantee a profit.


Bet..Win ... and repeat 🤑

Arbitrage betting guarantees you will win and make a profit by betting on both outcomes (sides) of the market when the odds are in your favour and Arb Amigo’s sole goal is to help you make daily profits. 

So, whether you are looking to make a side-income or make this your fulltime income, Arb Amigo has got you covered.

Arb Amigo was built with user-friendliness at it’s core, so with our in-depth videos and innovative tools, you will be able to start making profits from day one.

Earn upwards of 20% profits on a daily basis from the arbitrage opportunities arb amigo finds you.

Use the calculator on our homepage to see how much you can make on a daily or monthly basis with arb amigo.


Why switch to ArbAmigo.com?

When you compare OddsJam vs ArbAmigo.com, the difference is clear: we offer a better PreMatch and InPlay arbitrage betting and sure betting experience, more sports, more markets, more profits and on-time alerts, friendly community and support. We’re also much more affordable with a free account.

arbitrage betting software

PreMatch Arbitrage Betting.

Are you looking for a reliable platform to discover profitable prematch arbitrage betting opportunities?

Look no further than Arb Amigo! Our cutting-edge platform is designed to help you maximize your returns by capitalizing on discrepancies in odds across various bookmakers.

Arbitrage betting, also known as sure betting, is a strategy that allows you to place bets on all possible outcomes of a sports event, ensuring a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome. By taking advantage of variations in odds offered by different bookmakers, Arb Amigo helps you identify these lucrative opportunities and make calculated wagers.

sports betting arbitrage

Arbitrage Betting Alerts.

Looking for a convenient way to access profitable arbitrage betting opportunities?

Look no further than Arb Amigo’s Telegram and Email Alerts! Our advanced notification system keeps you informed about lucrative arbitrage situations, ensuring you never miss out on potential profits.

Arbitrage betting involves placing bets on different outcomes of a sports event to guarantee a profit regardless of the result. With Arb Amigo’s Telegram and Email Alerts, you’ll receive instant notifications about promising arbitrage opportunities right at your fingertips.

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InPlay Arbitrage Betting.

Looking to maximize your profits in the thrilling world of inplay (live) betting?

Look no further than Arb Amigo! Our advanced platform is specifically designed to help you uncover profitable inplay arbitrage betting opportunities, allowing you to take advantage of dynamic odds fluctuations and secure guaranteed returns.

Inplay arbitrage betting is a strategy that enables you to place simultaneous bets on different outcomes of a live sporting event, leveraging discrepancies in odds offered by various bookmakers. With Arb Amigo as your trusted companion, you can tap into the fast-paced nature of inplay betting and capitalize on real-time opportunities.

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